Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2010 - A look back

2010 has been an important year for me. The tranision from primary school to secondary school probably stood out, there have been other momments. For example, my first mobile phone that I recieved for my birthday, an LG GS290 Cookie fresh. Then the less obvious ones, such as my first container of deodorent (lol).
      2010 also saw the release of my band's debut album, which raised €114.02 ($149.88). The same band also released a Christmas single, written and composed by ourselves, named "Rock Christmas Out".
      I also turned from child to teenager (hence the name of this blog) this year. It gives you an air of importance, more mature, being a teenage. I pray to God that I will be responsibly and do well in this era of my life.
      Finally to the people that made it happen for me this year. Mum and Dad, of course, the rest of the family, the football coaches, the brilliant people at Nintendo who helped me waste away hours playing their masterpieces, the teachers and all the pupils (especially the current 6th class) at Scoil Mhuire (a part of my heart remains there), the Internet. And never forgetting my former classmates at the school. Although we have been pulled apart and strewn between 3 different school, I will always remember the 8 years we spent together. I feel the class bonded over that period. =] .....But after all we are were in the Computer Age so we'll keep in contact somehow!

I feel like I've left something out, and Mum will probably remind me when she reads this. But until then, I bid farewell to 2010 and the Noughties. :D

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  1. Dude u have a very hectic busy life lol. Rock On!:L