Sunday, 30 January 2011

Alien Storm Review


I finally ended my adventure into the epic second installment in A.G. Taylor's sci-fi Superhumans series, Alien Storm, today. Before you read on I suggest you read the first book, Meteorite Strike, before you read Alien.

Sarah Williams is on the run. So many around her have fallen victim to the deadly fall virus that has make her so powerful. She and her friends have developed superhuman powers as a side effect of the alien virus. The crew defeated Colonel Moss and control of HIDRA  has been given to Dr. Rachel Anderson, who is trying to find a cure for the virus, and is the head scientist at HIDRA. Unfortunately, Moss' right hand man escaped the showdown with Sarah in the conclusion of the first book. In the first book, Major Bright was given samples of each the children's blood, which was injected into his blood, making him incredibly powerful. He is assembling an army to get more of these blood samples. Meanwhile, HIDRA are on a mission to Bright and take him out. Little does Sarah know that Major Bright will be nothing compared to what she is going to walk into...

Later On...
Sarah and her friends (Wei, Louise, Octavio, Nestor, Alex and Robert) escape from Major Bright's grasp, but then hand right into another trap, although only Sarah senses this at first. Nikolai Makorav is a multi-millionaire, and also has Superhuman powers like the children. He brings them to one of his huge buildings, known as the Spire. It doubles as a hotel and a vast entertainment center. There are 153 levels, Makorav tells them, but there is one condition. Levels past the 90th floor are out of bounds. Sarah is even more suspicious. While all this is happening, HIDRA have recieved news of a lethal Meteorite Shower that is less than 2 days away. This spells big trouble.

An excellent sequel worthing of its place in the Superhuman series after it had big shoes to fill after the masterpiece that is Meteorite Strike. A very uncertain ending in the part with Major Bright that really hangs the whole thing up in the air again.

The Verdict
+ Easy to read
+Well developed plot
+Excellent ending
+ Very in depth

SCORE : 9.2 

Alien Storm bags the gold award!

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