Sunday, 30 January 2011

Battle of the Browsers

I find some browsers more interesting and stylish than others, but which one fits the bill?

Internet Explorer - The Beginner

Internet Explorer has always been around, and is a common site on anybodies desktop. Mostly used if you're a beginner to the internet, due to its simply display. Personally, this ones a bit of a stinker.

Score : 5.0
Does the job, and not much more.

Opera - Lightning Quick

Opera is a bit less known, and tends to pop up on our mobile phones and games consoles rather than our computer screens. In my opinion, it should stay on the handheld devices and tellies.

Score: 7.1
Pretty cool, but a bit all over the place.

Google Chrome - The Style Icon

Google's installment into the browser race is certainly all looks, but does it have the goods to back it up? Yes, yes and yes. It's huge Chrome Web Store ( is certainly the most impressive browser app, theme and extension store. Themes especially are plentiful. It could be compared to the Android Market. To get the most out of it you should pop by the Chrome Store. One thing I will say is that the bookmarks really let it down. They are really messy to use. I'm calling for a connection to Google Bookmark for handy access.

Score: 9.4
Have the bookmarks let Chrome down?

Mozilla Firefox - The Solid One

If your looking for a solid browser, then Firefox is for you. With excellent history search, you can easily find sites you went on last year and completely forgot the URL and didn't mark it as a bookmark. Its got a basis add-on store with loads of content. It's also got its own Google Toolbar if you care to install it. Firefox may be a bit too old-fashioned for some people.

Score: 9.5
A really excellent browser that has everything except for looks.

So Firefox pips Chrome at the post, although I'm still in love with Chromes flashy looks. What do you think? What browser do you use? Everyone loves their own browser for their own reasons.


  1. Great browser review. And very persuasive. So persuavive that I've just downloaded and installed Chrome on my old desktop. Result. :D

  2. Also check this out ;P

  3. Cool. If you want to download Chrome like End Orphan here go to

  4. Nice review. I'm with that fact that you can (Google) search from the address bar. You should give (Apple) Safari a go too....although I still prefer CHROME.